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Fruit Gardening Guide

All top fruit trees like apples, pears and plums are grafted on to special root stocks. When planting them it is essential to make sure this graft is well above soil level. Apples and pears trained as cordons instead of bushes not only take up less space but give more fruit. Both Cox’s and Bramleys […]

What are bulbs plants?

Bulbs are embryo plants packed with their own food supply, and go on from year to year, producing offsets (baby bulbs) round them in time. A corm looks very like a bulb but lasts only one season, during which it makes a replacement corm for the next year. Crocuses and anemones, come from corms. A […]

Learn all about soil – Complete Guide

Clay is a fertile soil but it can become water-clogged. Check the drainage by digging a deep hole or two, and seeing how quickly they empty of water, after rain. Sand or gravel, compost too, added to clay will improve its drainage. If the soil tends to get very waterlogged you may need to run […]

The tips and facts you need to know when growing vegetables

In order to get the most sun, the rows in a vegetable patch should always run east-west or vice versa. Potatoes produce more food per square yard than any other garden crop. Grow fresh new potatoes from the first and second early varieties such as Foremost and Home Guard. First early potatoes grow quicker but […]

How to choose window boxes?

Ideally a window box should match up with the length and depth of your window sill and not get in the way of the window itself. But if the box is too shallow, the plants will suffer from not having enough soil and will need watering more frequently. Aim at a minimum soil depth and […]

All gardeners want their gardens to be beautiful and memorable. Take care of the beauty of your garden with various decorative materials – gravel, mulch, decorative stones, etc. Materials can be found in hardware stores, and you can calculate the amount with this mulch calculator.

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