How to choose a greenhouse?

Buy the biggest greenhouse you can afford for the space available. You will find you never have quite enough room for your plants. Alternatively choose an add-on model so that you can increase your growing space when you are able to afford it. To make the most of available sunshine, site your greenhouse with the […]

Gardening Tool Guide

Gardening is pleasurable hard work, made easier by using the appropriate tools. If you care for them properly, they should last a lifetime. When purchasing tools, always choose quality over quantity. Look for ergonomic tools that are designed to spare backs, shoulders, and wrists. Space-age materials make tools lighter, more balanced, and easier to grip […]

How to choose window boxes?

Ideally a window box should match up with the length and depth of your window sill and not get in the way of the window itself. But if the box is too shallow, the plants will suffer from not having enough soil and will need watering more frequently. Aim at a minimum soil depth and […]

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