Gynecomastia Bra

Gynecomastia Bra
It may sound silly – a man wearing a bra, but if you have breasts, you should be wearing one. Whether you have accepted your condition and wish to wear a typical woman’s bra for comfort and support, or you are looking for a bra that will help conceal your disorder and create a more masculine chest, there are many products on the market that men can use. However, there are many variables to consider before choosing the one that is right for you.

The term binding refers to the process of “flattening” ones breasts to make the chest look more masculine. Depending on the size of your breasts and your body types, there are a number of ways to successfully bind your breasts.

Layering: If you choose not to use any binding devices, layering your shirts can help conceal your breasts. However, this can become quite uncomfortable and doesn’t work for those with larger breasts.

The Ace Bandage Method: The advantage is that the Ace bandage method is inexpensive. However, it can be extremely uncomfortable.

Control Top Method: This method is also inexpensive, but is only effective for those with smaller chests. Cut off the legs of a pair of women’s control-top panty hose and carefully make a hole in the crotch for your head. Pull the binder on over your head and slip your arms through the leg holes.

The Sports Bra: Also known as the “Frog Bra” or “The Bro,” these bras can be very effective. You can use multiple sports bras to achieve a desired look or use a sports bra in combination with the layering method described above.

Neoprene Waist/Abdominal Trimmers and back Support Devices: Neoprene is a thick, rubbery material used in knee, elbow, and other athletic braces. The advantage of neoprene devices is that they will effectively flatten the chest and are fairly inexpensive. However, the material doesn’t breathe at all, causing sweat, heat, chafing, and blisters.

Gynecomastia Vests and Compression Shirts: There are many products on the market made specifically for men who suffer from Gynecomastia. These products are a little more expensive than other binding solutions and usually require a trip to a specialty supplier. However, they are the best method because they are made with Gynecomastia sufferers in mind.